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Bobby Muller of Veterans for America (VFA) and Virginia Foote of the International Center (IC) are pleased to announce the handover of management of the programs Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation in Vietnam and Veterans International, Cambodia to the International Center. The International Center will begin organizational management beginning January 1, 2009.

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation established its office in Hanoi in 1994, with the lifting of the US embargo against Vietnam. The organization has since been active in a wide variety of humanitarian assistance. Programs include physical rehabilitation, mental health, self-help groups, school construction landmine/UXO impact surveys and dioxin resolutions.

In 1991, VFA launched a new program in Cambodia, Veterans International, to address the needs of people affected by the consequences of war. VFA launched a rehabilitation clinic, providing prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The program has since grown to be a comprehensive rehabilitation program that addresses physical, psycho-social and educational needs of persons with disabilities.

The International Center is a Washington, DC based 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1977 to focus on issues between the United States and the developing world. Over the years the International Center has had projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and with the former Soviet Union. The International Center has two core programs, the New Forests Project and the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum. USVTCEF works to provide assistance to the US and Vietnam to enhance understanding of the trade policy issues that affect Vietnam’s goal of global integration, membership in WTO, APEC, and ASEAN and in bi-lateral relations.

Programs in Vietnam will continue under the name “Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.” Programs in Cambodia will continue under the name “Veterans International.” For further information please visit:

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Veterans for America and the International Center

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