The Veterans International Cambodia event with John Kerry took place in a historic boat house in Woods Hole, MA on July 2nd, 2009. Books and photos of VIC's programs were on display.


1. Michael Thornton, a Marine Corp. veteran of The Vietnam War, discussed the history of veterans groups that have long supported landmine work in Cambodia.
2. John Kerry discussed the specific policy decisions that led to Cambodia being so heavily laid with landmines. Even today there are estimated over five million pieces of unexploded ordinance hidden in the countryside of Cambodia, making the road to recovery such a difficult one.
3. Barrett Thornton discussed her work as a VIC program associate and her experiences volunteering at the Prey Veng Clinic.

Senator Kerry's deep knowledge of the history of landmine usage in Cambodia, along with his ongoing efforts on behalf of victims both in Cambodia and globally, made him a particularly compelling speaker. We are grateful to him for his willingness to spread awareness of our work.